Are small pergolas or gazebos useful for protecting yourself from the sun? Choose your solution


Before deciding whether you want to install a gazebo or small pergolas, please read our guidebook

A garden or a big terrace are certainly a privilege, but it is necessary to functionally furnish them, so that they are fully exploited. Don’t forget to create a shaded area: if you like both to set up a lunch with friends and relax while reading a good book or have breakfast in the open air, it is essential to keep yourself away from direct sunlight. Besides being refined, Ecolegno small pergolas and gazebos are the most comfortable and practical systems.

Depending on the situation it is desirable to adopt one of the two solutions. Let’s see what factors need to be taken into account, before making your decision.


Garden or terrace?

If you have to furnish your garden, you are completely free to choose both a gazebo and small pergolas, because you certainly have enough space at your disposal. There are different gazebo sizes and small pergolas can be built based on custom dimensions. Therefore both solutions are also appropriate for a small garden.

On the contrary, if you have to think how you can overshadow a terrace, the most appropriate solution is certainly the one for small pergolas made from composite wood. If they leaned against the building wall, you shall be able to create some kind of house extension, without occupying any extra space.


A private dwelling house or a commercial building?

If you need to create an outdoor environment where you can set up tables and chairs in your place of business, a gazebo lets you create a much larger space and above all you can also place it on a raised platform in front of premises. Covering your deck with an Ecolegno sunshade (linkare ad articolo “barriere frangisole in ecolegno”) is the most advantageous choice with regards to maintenance, because it does not need to be treated or cleaned, as instead it occurs with interior blinds.

Furthermore, gazebos made from composite wood can be built to any size and can also be perfectly used as sun-shading systems for large parking areas. And it is precisely because of their versatility in terms of extensiveness and colours, Ecolegno gazebos are more often chosen by restaurants, hotels and resorts.


Which type of deck? Choose it according to the area

The deck for your gazebo or arbour is the distinguishing feature of the structure, is tailored to fit your needs and should be chosen in harmony with the building and furniture.

Both small pergolas and gazebos made from composite wood can be customized by selecting the type of deck. Gazebos can be more easily equipped with interior blinds, sunshades or glazed panels, whereas you can also think about creeper systems or, otherwise, advanced technological solutions for small pergolas. If you live in a place where it snows in Winter, please choose a deck able to support even large amounts of snow without being damaged, or even worse, collapsing.