The Ecolegno boards are made from fine quality, 100% natural composite wood. Installation is super easy, they come ready for mounting and installation. They are perfect for a wide variety of uses, from fencing to canopies or solar shading. When used for wood screens they protect walls with thermal insulation, but they can also just give a building a different design look.

In addition, they are perfect for building makeovers by internationally renowned designers and architects who can use the boards for a variety of project because of the wide range of listed colours. Different shades can also be mixed and matched to meet the needs of the client. The Ecolegno boards for sun screens have a multi-layered system that allow the building to breath. They also give a real boost to traditional thermal insulation systems.

Ecolegno composite wood boards have excellent engineering performance and their modular installation makes them quick and easy to replace. Because they are very easy to install even large projects can be completed very quickly, with the added bonus of understated, on-trend style. The composite wood used to make them contains wood fibre, wood flour and the same high-density polymer used in food packaging, so it is all very safe and fully recyclable. Compared to traditional wood structures, Ecolegno composite wood boards are practically indestructible and weather-resistant, which means you can enjoy your constructions year-round. Ecolegno boards are also an ethical choice. The wood flour is sourced from FSC-certified forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. Ecolegno by Saimex sun screen is only assembled after strict valuation tests to be sure of the end product.