Ecolegno decking


Ecolegno decking boards are made of 100% natural composite wood, particularly designed for paving and decorating outdoors. Thanks to its endurance properties it is ideal and best used for swimming pool surrounds, restaurant dining decks, terraces, catwalks and bridges, outdoor dance floors, stages, platforms and docks.

Ecolegno Decking features

Besides being suitable for every kind of environment, the peculiarity of Ecolegno decking is that they remain elegant and unaltered over time. They are water resistant and require no active maintenance. Furthermore, decking are not attacked by bacteria and fungi and do not crack or chips as it is typical for wood.

Moreover Ecolegno decking do not require particular oils and do not overheat or cool down in relation to the outdoor temperature.

Suitable for every kind of environment

Decking are made so as to decorate swimming pool surrounds, restaurant dining decks, terraces, restaurant dining decks, terraces, outdoor dance floors, but also stages, platforms and docks. Its particular composition makes these decking suitable for different types of indoors and outdoors.

Ecolegno decking are elegant, sober and refined, having particularly fine finishes, made to create an intimate and refined atmosphere, but not to excess.

Ecolegno composite decking is a concrete and competitive solution for all types of locations, increasingly chosen by resorts and luxury hotels because of its numerous advantages, first and foremost low maintenance costs and its great versatility making it suitable for indoors and outdoors.

100% recyclable and natural

The success of wood composite decking boards is also due to a special composition of fibers, wood-dust and a high density polymer. The latter is also used for food packaging, is 100% recyclable and is made from first-selection recycled material, from FSC-certified forests.

Choosing Ecolegno decking it means making an ethical choice for the materials used and with great taste, given the multiple versions made available.