Ecolegno fences

recinzioni legno


Ecolegno fences are a product made from wood composite designed to maintain separate and create new safe environments and to respect people’s privacy. They are the natural solution and ideal for gardens, external fences, restaurants or swimming pools.

Ecolegno fences, a 100%  ecological product

Fences are a product made from pure wood composite. Wood composite is composed of fibers, wood-dust and a high density polymer that constitutes the real peculiarity of this outdoor element.

Choosing fences made from wood composite it means having a water-tight product, which requires no active maintenance and, above all, is 100% recyclable, because it contains high-density very special polymers.

Different colours are available, among which, grey, coffee and champagne, but upon request they can be custom made both for finishes and colours.

Versatility of Ecolegno fences

Ecolegno fences are a product with a large range of use; it can be used to divide large outdoor spaces, build porches, provide a physical separation enabling its main function, that it is to say fencing. Otherwise they can be used to create even settled environments that has never existed before.

Ecolegno fences are particularly versatile and easy to be installed, becoming an innovative and ethical choice for your property.

Ecolegno fences are sophisticated and elegant, with a touch of high design and are an ideal choice for those who want to improve their outdoor spaces, without sacrificing good taste and without giving up convenience.