What is Ecolegno


What is Ecolegno

Ecolegno by Saimex, the outdoor composite wood, is used for swimming pool surrounds, restaurant dining decks, flooring, terraces, walkways, piers, docks, gazebos, verandas, greenhouses, outdoor dance floors, stages and platforms.

Wpc products are becoming more and more popular in tourist resorts and in high-traffic public places due to a reduction in maintenance costs. Ecolegno by Saimex is elegant, with wood grain finish, small groove, wide groove for creating sober and refined environments.

Ecolegno by Saimex remains elegant over time, unaltered. Composite wood is water resistant, does not age, and does not require oils or maintenance. Particularly suitable for outdoors uses, it is not attacked by bacteria and fungi, resists wind and weather and does not crack or chips as it is typical for wood.

It does not overheat as stone does and ensures saving time and costs. The success of Ecolegno by Saimex is due to a special composition of fibres, wood-dust and a high density polymer, also used in food-grade packaging – 100% recyclable. Ecolegno by Saimex is made from first-selection recycled material, from FSC-certified forests.

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Ecolegno by Saimex consists of 65% fibre and wood dust from FSC forests and 35% high density polymers with a very low expansion coefficient. Ecolegno by Saimex is 100% recyclable and its components come from prime recycled material.

Temperature and fire:
Particular attention was paid to the behaviour to thermal shock and high temperature.
Ecolegno by Saimex resists, in fact, sudden thermal shocks, without cracking or twisting. In addition Ecolegno is a fire retardant, class A (ASTM E84).

Ecolegno by Saimex is waterproof. This feature makes it perfect for all applications, even in wet environments or in constant contact with water.

Ecolegno by Saimex does not flake and you can walk on it barefoot. The surface is always smoothly rounded and satin finished because the material does not splinters.

It requires no maintenance:
it does not absorb moisture, does not create cracks and does not deform.