Ecolegno louver

barriere frangisole legno


Ecolegno louvers are elements conceived to protect the facades of buildings or indoors from the sun, in order to avoid overheating, especially in Summer in buildings that contain large amounts of glass and metals. The concept of sunshade barriers is inspired by the Venetian blind.

Ecolegno (composite wood) by Saimex has a fixed or mobile structure (adjustable), allowing in the second case to adjust the amount of direct sunlight.


Features of Ecolegno louver

Louver made of composite wood are a solution to your problems for an elegant solution, prime and superior design.

When we speak of Ecolegno louver, making reference to a product made of Ecolegno solid strips. This is an economic, versatile product and, above all, particularly practical to furnish facades or even entire buildings for public or private use adding elegance and prestige.

Ecolegno louver come in different colours and upon request they can be custom made to meet a client’s taste and special needs.

Louver, made from Ecolegno solid wood, is a low environmental impact and environmentally compatible product which provides a solution under different points of view.

Louver suitable for every kind of environment

Louver made of composite wood are a particular versatile product which fits to every type of landscape, but, above all, meets everyone’s needs. Ecolegno sunshade barriers are a product capable of giving prestige and quality design to all your projects.

Choosing barriers it means having a product which requires no active maintenance and, therefore, maintenance costs drop significantly, Furthermore they are weatherproof and, especially, do not cool down or overheat in relation to the outdoor temperature.

100% recyclable Ecolegno

Louver are made from composite wood which is a special product composed of fibers, wood-dust and a high-density very special polymer. The latter is also used for food packaging, and, therefore, making Ecolegno highly recyclable. The wood used – from FSC forests – is selected, processed and finally treated following strict criteria so that it cannot be attacked by parasites, bacteria and fungi.

The process to assemble Ecolegno louver is easy and quick. Just needed a few hours to get the best results possible. This is because the materials used are of prime quality, as they undergo strict quality controls and are also suitable for urban renewal, giving new life to entire buildings and facades.