Ecolegno louver

barriere frangisole legno


The louvers in Ecolegno composite wood are fixed or adjustable and are designed to protect building facades and outdoor areas from the sun. The adjustable options give constant light to environments and are based on a Venetian-blind design.

Louversare very useful to modulate sunlight and give rooms the light desired and can be adjusted either manually or electrically. If they are interconnected, powered louvers can be adjusted remotely or even programmed using modern smart systems.

Not only that but it only takes a few hours to install them. They give a real boost to traditional thermal insulation systems. Ecolegno composite wood boards have excellent engineering performance and their modular installation makes them quick and easy to replace.


Features of Ecolegno louver

Saimex makes them in composite wood. Composite wood is a unique composition of wood fibre, wood flour and the same high-density polymer used in food packaging, so they are highly recyclable.

Louver suitable for every kind of environment

Louver made of composite wood are a particular versatile product which fits to every type of landscape, but, above all, meets everyone’s needs. Ecolegno sunshade barriers are a product capable of giving prestige and quality design to all your projects.

Choosing barriers it means having a product which requires no active maintenance and, therefore, maintenance costs drop significantly, Furthermore they are weatherproof and, especially, do not cool down or overheat in relation to the outdoor temperature.

100% recyclable Ecolegno

The wood fibre in the composition is sourced from FSC-certified forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.
Four million tonnes of wood is currently burnt in landfills; that’s 5 million trees that could have been reused and upcycled into something new. The fibres are processed to high quality standards to protect them from fungus, mould and mildew.