Ecolegno pergolas

Ecolegno pergolas are a prime quality and practical outdoor product. They are made of 100% natural composite wood of top quality. Small pergolas with reduced size or big gazebos with large size in sheltering or creating a sun safe environment and elegant.

Wood pergolas: a simple and valuable solution

Ecolegno pergolas with strips of solid wood and the process to assemble the Ecolegno Strips is easy and quick and in a short time, since the strips are ready for being laid, with considerable saving of time.

The wood composite of pergolas is made of fibers, wood-dust and a high density polymer that have been used even in food packaging for many years, making the wood composite 100% recyclable.

The wood composite of pergolas are a product of great value, but they requires no active ongoing maintenance and have been conceived as weatherproofing elements to which pergolas made from classic wood are usually subjected.

Looking for low environmental impact

Choosing wood pergolas it means a low environmental impact product that allows you to get the most out of your project. The product is available to the public in different colours, but it can be custom-made to meet their special needs and to complete their project in the best way.

Ecolegno pergolas are a particularly handy and lightweight product that requires simple assembly and especially low maintenance. Even Ecolegno pergolas, such as all products offered, are installed following stringent material selection criteria, so that every customer can complete its project in the best way.