Ecolegno shades of gray: two unexpected shades for an amazing look

ecolegno grigio

A sophisticated and current colour able to convert any space

 Flooring or the upholstery inside your dwelling does not need to be the traditional choice: you could go beyond the classic champagne shade or the impressive coffee colour and be directed towards a modern and sophisticated solution; dark gray and light grey are two shades that have been developed by Ecolegno, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and thereby picking up on the latest trends.

Grey is in fact a colour providing an elegant touch and going perfectly with contemporary furniture, without becoming excessive; as grey is a neutral colour, you also could play with accessories and dashes of colour livening up the place.

Dark gray or light grey?

If your choice falls on dark gray, you should make sure that your room where you are going to install the flooring or Ecolegno covering is enough big and bright. Dark colours on the walls or on the ground tend to make the perceived space look smaller and darken the environment a bit.

On the contrary, light grey gives an immediate feeling of largeness and brightness. Therefore, it can be chosen even for too much small spaces, but this has been strongly advised, just as in the case of not too big rooms, because they appear wider and stunningly enlightened.

Flooring and vertical covering together?

A total grey look is a bit too bold solution, but, if you can choose in total freedom, this may represent a win-win situation where your house shall be turned into a dwelling like those appearing in design magazines.

Using the same flooring in your entire house and any outdoor spaces, whether you have a terrace, a balcony or a garden, give a sense of continuity; in this way you’ll get the impression of a unique and harmonious atmosphere, without clear boundaries. You could use either a simple vertical covering, sunshade barriers or ventilated facades in external walls depending on the needs; the important thing is that you have the same shade of grey to create a harmonious view.

Finally, if you have to plan a shaded outdoor space, whether this is a gazebo or an arbour, why would you choose the same grey? The final effect would be really suggestive.

Which colours are suitable for furniture?

If you have no idea of which colours go well with a grey flooring or vertical covering, here’s the good news: grey pairs well with nearly everything.

This is true neutral grey pleasantly matching the pastel shades, as well as vigorous nuances. It’s perfect for any type of modern and contemporary furniture with white or black colours, in order to create a minimal and sober style, as well as golden and bright colours giving a moderate contrast. This is also ideal for wood furniture, possibly made of larch or pine or for a very colourful furniture to make rooms more cheerful and convivial.