Ecolegno ventilated facades

facciate ventilate in Ecolegno


Ecolegno ventilated facades by Saimex, as well as ventilated walls, are a special vertical covering for building exteriors and houses.

The major feature of Ecolegno ventilated facades is that the strips are applied during assembly, without adhering to the walls, but they remain spaced and create an interspacing.

This special fa├žade allows a natural air circulation caused by convective motion generated by openings arranged at the base and top of the facade.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of a cladding structure, an energy requalification of buildings has already occurred.

Features of Ecolegno ventilated facades

Ecolegno composite ventilated facades are used especially for big buildings, thermal wall coatings and volume enclosures and new designs on pre-existing facades.

The ventilated facades made from wood composite are a very transversal product able to carry out any kind of projects that you have in mind, keeping the whole design elegant and sophisticated and to adapt them both to indoors and outdoors.

Recyclable, eco-friendly material

The ventilated facades are made from top quality materials and the wood composite is made of fibers, wood-dust and a high density polymer that have been used even in food packaging for many years. This polymer makes 100% recyclable Ecolegno, as it is made from recycled material coming from FSC-certified forests.

Ventilated facades made from wood composite represent a moral choice and a low environmental impact. In fact, ventilated facades require no active maintenance and do not overheat or cool down in relation to the outdoor temperature as it happens with other composite wood elements.

A versatile product

Ventilated facades are available in different colours, although a certain degree of customization is required by the purchaser both for finishes and colours.

Ecolegno ventilated facades by Saimex are a product which is adequate for completing major projects in a short time and thanks to a simple and intuitive assembly. Everything maintains a cutting edge style.