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About us

Technological researchers

Development, high technology, innovation, research and experience are the values on which the company’s mission is based: Saimex products meet the new market requirements, especially continuous updating, by replacing traditional materials and providing features of durability and endurance.

Composite profiles specialists

Specialised in composite material profiles, Saimex has a long experience in the field, both in manufacturing processes and raw material research.


The sector of composite materials, in which Saimex is specialised, has witnessed an increasing development in the past ten years. Composite materials consist of a polymeric matrix and fibre reinforcements of other materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre, wood fibre and others. The wood fibres come from certified forests.

Manufacturers of long-lasting quality

The polymers selected to make composite wood play a major role providing the final chemical and physical properties to the resulting product. For instance, they determine expansion coefficient, colour unalterability and fastness over time, and resistance to distortion in case of thermal shock. Fibre materials, basic components of composite materials, confer tensile and bending strengths, screw tightness and appearance.

A successful company

Saimex’s business ethics, founded on the concept of wellness, are based on deeply rooted values. Particular attention is given to ecology and to reduce consumption by associating the company’s products to eco-sustainability so as to protect the environment, to research and to innovation.