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Ecolegno for interior floors and exterior decks

Ecolegno floors and decks for indoors and outdoors

Ecolegno is one of the materials making inroads into the sector of floors and decks for indoors and outdoors. Its technical and aesthetic properties are turning it into one of the preferred options for luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants that choose it both as a feature for their interior flooring and to add a touch of class and style to their communal outdoor areas, balconies and terraces.

Ecolegno floors in luxury hotels and restaurants

You can also find Ecolegno floors in eateries and in the hospitality industry in general. This type of flooring can be used in areas with a high daily footfall because it is so durable. The material rarely shows signs of wear and tear, is very low-maintenance and, most importantly, it looks just like real wood without being as delicate and prone to structural issues.
When restaurant or hotel operators choose Ecolegno, they’re going for a friendly context by using a material that reproduces a natural element. The same thing happens if the restaurant or resort has outdoor areas and if operators want to create a relaxed, user-friendly feel in those areas too. Actually, Ecolegno is particularly suited to outdoor areas because it is resistant to heat and humidity.

Outdoor decking: swimming pools

Its resistance to humidity is making Ecolegno the most in-demand material for outdoor decking, particularly in the areas surrounding a swimming pool.
Composite wood combines the elegance of reproduced woodgrain with its specific features of being resistant to humidity and to changes in temperature. It also gives anyone who wants to create decking for their pool surrounds the option of a durable and elegant material.
Unlike wood, Ecolegno doesn’t suffer from extreme weather or highly variable environmental conditions. Because it doesn’t overheat, it is particularly suitable as outdoor decking for pool surrounds so, although we don’t really recommend walking around with bare feet in these zones, you can kick off your shoes withoutfeeling the heat.

Balconies and terraces

Lastly, this same resistance to overheating also makes Ecolegno perfect for balconies and terraces. Composite wood is an engineered material made using modern manufacturing processes and it is perfect for outdoor decking.
The wide range of colours and finishes makes it easy to select the best Ecolegno for any given context.

If you choose Ecolegno for the interior floors or outdoor decking of your hospitality business, or for your balconies, terraces and pool surrounds, you will be making a unique, customised statement for your business and environs to stand out from the crowd.

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