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A 100% natural composite wood: Ecolegno shows its green soul

Find out what are the characteristics making this material recyclable and eco-friendly


If you want to give permission to a zero-impact renovation, you should take into account the possibility of using Ecolegno for your floors, vertical claddings and for all outdoor spaces ranging from a terrace to swimming pool surrounds. Not only. This material is more often used in restaurants, resorts, beauty salons and all places crowded with people.

A fancy design, refined finishes, different colours trends and a high resistance are among their advantages; you don’t have to bear maintenance costs, because this is a composite wood that can be conditioned by itself, does not require any preventive treatment, oils or special cleaning activities. And last, but not least, if you choose Ecolegno it means making an ethical and environmentally friendly choice.

Let’s see why.

A 100% recycled and recyclable wood

Composite wood is an innovative material, composed of 65% fibers, wood-dust and a high-density very special polymer which is also used for food packaging. All ingredients belonging to composite wood come from first-rate recycled material and neither a single tree is cut down to obtain a product which is identical in appearance with wood.

This highly innovative composition makes Ecolegno a fully recyclable material. Once the entire life-cycle of flooring or vertical claddings has been completed, this means that it is not simply thrown away, but the product can then start a new life-cycle and be fully recycled. That’s the reason why this special composite wood allows you to carry out renovation work without any unnecessary environmental costs: a recycled and fully recyclable material coming out of a factory and does not impact on the forests of our planet at all.

Fibres and wood dust from FSC forests

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and is synonymous with respect for the environment. This is in fact an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable forest and plantation management all over the world.

The FSC brand identifies the products containing wood from managed forests ethically and in full compliance with the toughest environmental, economic and social standards. The Association undertakes to inspect and release a certification for those forests that meet these standards; the brand has been released only after having carried out accurate inspections in an independent manner by any political or economic power, just ensure full transparency and fairness.

Ecolegno has decided to be part of manufacturers who commit themselves to protect the environment and forests. That’s the reason why fibres and wood dust come from rigorously FSC certified forests.

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