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Ecolegno: What is it and 5 good reasons for choosing it

It is made of natural composite wood, beautiful and 100% recyclable. Discover the benefits and characteristics of Ecolegno

 Before choosing the right material for your own dwelling or business activity, it’s good to know exactly what you buy. How is Ecolegno made? Which are its aesthetic and functional characteristics? Why should we choose it in place of a natural wood?

We will be happy to answering your questions in this article, giving at least 5 good reasons for choosing Ecolegno for your renovation.

What is Ecolegno?

Ecolegno is a wood composed of 65% fibres and wood dusts and of 35% high-density polymers, two materials ensuring beauty and endurance at the same time.

Particularly suitable for outdoor environments, such as poolsides, terraces, gazebos or verandas, Ecolegno is becoming more and more the choice of preference for resorts and restaurants that want to cut maintenance costs, yet without sacrificing refinement and elegance. There are a large variety of finishes: each of them reproduces perfectly the effect of natural wood, but Ecolegno is produced in factory using fully recycled materials, while respecting the forests and the strictest environmental standards.

5 good reasons for choosing Ecolegno

Choosing a high-quality composite wood like Ecolegno, it implies several advantages from the esthetic, functional and ecological point of view and this is the perfect solution for those who still want to have a 100% natural wood effect.

  1. Water-tight and resistance to high temperatures.

Thanks to its protective film covering it, Ecolegno has a high water resistance: waterproof and with high water absorption equivalent to 0.18% is also suitable for being placed in wet environments or where there is a continuous contact with water.

Not only. Ecolegno is high-temperature resistant and, above all is resistant to sudden temperature changes, even to sharper changes: it endures thermal shock from -30° to +100° without cracks or any torsion.

  1. Beautiful as real wooden flooring.

Being impossible to distinguish it from precious natural wood flooring, Ecolegno is also able to reproduce a wider range of wood species and is made of different finishes, in order to meet all demands: wood vein, milleraies or wide stripe, every style for different environments, but ever so smart.


  1. Ecological and recyclable for a renovation of zero impact houses.

The fibres composing Ecolegno from FSC-certified forests are consciously managed with due regard to our planet’s resources. Furthermore, Ecolegno is made from first-selection recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

That’s the reason why this is the perfect choice if you would like to have an elegant natural wood, but but completely respectful to the environment.

  1. Quick and easy to assemble.

Beauty of natural wood meets practicality in high technological materials that enable an easier and faster laying. This is a material suitable for floating laying, to assemble at affordable prices and without applying glues and solvents.

  1. Long-lasting and requiring little maintenance.

Ecolegno has been conceived and designed for lasting a long time and, at the same time, it requires very little maintenance and it cannot be compared with the time that is devoted to polishing natural wood floors.

No ageing process, neither it requires the application of oils nor it is attacked by bacteria and fungi and is weatherproof without any formation of cracks or splinters. Threfore it is particularly appropriate for outdoor spaces.

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