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How to choose the colors for a composite wood flooring

Taking care of doors and window frames, furnishings, the size of rooms and the colour of walls


Independently of the fact that you have to renovate a whole house and have decided to change only the floor, you couldn’t choose a flooring simply based on your taste. After finishing renovation work, a harmonious and pleasant environment should be created: confusing styles, matching wrong colours or choosing inappropriate finishes could block the view.

Let’s see what are the things to consider before choosing the colour of your new Ecolegno flooring.

Doors and window frames

Of course doors and windows are an important component of your dwelling, because you don’t have to change them for many years once they have been installed. Two fixed components like window frames and flooring shall coexist well together, because they are destined to last long.

The recommendation is to use the same shades or, otherwise, to stand out against other colours, making a sharp contrast that can be perceived immediately: white windows and doors leave enough space for customization, whereas nut-brown window frames go great both with a coffee-coloured and light grey flooring that differentiates itself markedly.

The size of rooms

Even sizes have a certain relevance, because colours have the capacity to make you perceive a space look larger or smaller, in particular that of a flooring.

It is better to aim at a lucid flooring having a champagne or light grey colour in small spaces: the lightest and brightest colours naturally increase the perceived space. If the space to be paved is big, please feel free to choose darker shades: in this way you will be able to create a cosy living space giving you moments of pleasant atmosphere, for example, in a restaurant.

Interior furnishings

If your house is full of contemporary style furniture, generally a light colour, it might be nice for you to opt for a champagne-coloured floor; this colour goes well also with different shades of white, if you wish to stick out because of a shabby chic furniture or if you have a traditional and rustic furniture.

A coffee-coloured wood flooring fits particularly well with a futuristic and minimal furniture: it immediately provides a sense of essentiality and sophistication and, if you have design pieces at your home, these are enhanced.

The colour of walls

That is a point that deserves serious consideration, but we will give you only some helpful advice. Let’s start by saying that white colour goes with anything pretty much: choosing all-white walls, it means to be completely free to opt for any floor colouration without being afraid of making a mistake.

If the flooring is dark brown, you can choose a bright colour for your walls able to soften the formality and a very elegant coffee colour: yellow, pale orange, light blue or green fit well, obviously the colour should be chosen for the relevant furniture. On the contrary, if you choose a light wood flooring, it is certainly appropriate to stay focused on light shades of white, ivory or pearl grey; you can customize your living space, by painting one or two walls of your house having a firmer shade.

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