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It’s not only indoors. A flooring resembling a carved wood effect also on the terrace

A terrace flooring may change its style and makes it a very special place

 Irrelevant if a terrace or balcony are big or small, these are places where it’s pleasant to spend some time alone or in company and you can relax with a glass of wine or for a Spring dinner with friends. Choosing a wood floor for these spaces which makes them immediately welcoming and livable, quite easy on the eyes and sitting with my feet on it. The natural warmth of real wood is perfectly recreated by Ecolegno, making available four colours and different finishes to get closer the terrace style to that of the house.

To furnish a terrace with wood floor

Thanks to a flooring resembling a carved wood effect on a terrace you can play around with furnishings, because it goes well with many different styles. Of course, you must not limit yourself to wood furniture. But whatever your taste is, there are a series of elements you don’t want to leave out, if you have some space available.

  • Seats

Whatever it can be a comfortable rattan couch or simply a couple of aluminium or wrought-iron chairs, you should necessarily provide for an appropriate solution where you can sit on the terrace. Drinking coffee in the morning or an aperitif at sunset is more enjoyable when it’s pretty cozy.

  • The bearing plane

A surface where you can put a cup ready for consumption or a flute next to seats is needed: a low table, a cabinet like a bedside table or a proper table should be strictly matched with seats to avoid any messy effect.

  • Lighting

Don’t forget to ask the electrician to install some sockets on a terrace or a real wall lamp able to emit enough light, so that you can easily read (you will soon discover how pleasant it is to read in a cozy terrace!). Besides illuminating quite trendy floor lamps are also used to furnish.


Finishes and colours for terrace flooring

Ecolegno decking is made of composite wood and also permits ample customisation freedom. Do not choose a prepackaged product, but a material that you could define according to your taste both for colour and finish.

If you love rustic style, you will probably decide on a dark and classic coffee colour and natural wood vein. On the contrary, if you prefer a modern design and your house plays with shades of white, a light grey floor made of composite wood would be more suitable and it’s also perfect for a terrace in a shabby chic style.

In any case, my advice would always be to give strong continuity in indoor and outdoor spaces, reproducing the style given to your dwelling and terrace. Even the smallest balcony can turn into a welcoming space where you can have a jolly time, if this has been designed and carefully furnished.

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