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Relaxation area in the garden with Ecolegno fencing

Have a garden means thinking about an outdoor safety system

 If you have a house with garden, you are really very lucky, but certainly there’s a whole variety of tricks that should be observed. Fencing is among these important tricks :  installing a fence separating your garden from the road or surrounding areas is essential for living in an outdoor space in complete peace and relaxation.

Ecolegno has developed a fencing system able to easily create a protected and sheltered space.

Swimming pool, garden or restaurant: a fencing is required

It is irrelevant if you have to protect a swimming pool or fence a garden, or even simply a small forecourt, a patio or a large terrace, Ecolegno is the right material for you. This is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable composite wood which is durable and practical, apart from having aesthetic characteristics of great elegance: it is water-resistant and endure extreme weather conditions, because it is made from fibres, wood dust and a special high-density polymer representing a real innovation.

Besides undoubted practical benefits Ecolegno fencing can be customized both in the colour and finishes. In this way it should be really easy turning your garden into a nice oasis to look at. Furthermore this is a relatively simple system and can be quickly installed.

Thanks to its versatility, Ecolegno fencing can be also adopted as an alternative by restaurants and business premises which comprise an outdoor space that should be necessarily fenced off the road. If you choose composite wood, this allows you a lot of freedom in the choice of furnishings, as well as to remain faithful to the style of the interior of the premises, whether they are modern or rustic.

Relax and garden privacy

A very good idea is that to install a fencing made from composite wood to create a real open-air room and demarcate a well-defined space in your garden. Fences are used as supports for the protection structure or as separators for wide-open spaces, but they can be also used for creating new independent spaces.

In this area you can arrange specific outdoor furniture, barbecue grill, a hydromassage tub or a sunbed in complete privacy. In short, anything you may need that help you to create a very intimate room where you can spend pleasant hours alone or with other people. Furthermore, be sure to include both a specific lighting system, able to create a relaxed atmosphere also in the evening, and a heating system for cooler evenings to have your relax corner not only in Summer and Spring.

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