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That’s all well and good: recyclable composite wood is pretty chic

Ecolegno is the ideal solution to renovate a room elegantly and eco-friendly


Composite woods are not all the same. There are several varieties with a different composition percentage and features that are completely different from each other. That’s the reason why it is necessary to carefully choose materials for renovating based on aesthetic, functional and ethical characteristics.

If you choose Ecolegno, it means that you can fulfil all of these requirements without giving anything up, neither economically.

It is beautiful and looks like real wood

If you are looking for composite wood, it means that you are a lover of beauty and natural elegance. The effects of heat and sophistication given by wood on a floor, wall or in a gazebo and garden are not obtained through another type of material, neither the most expensive or technological one.

Ecolegno composite wood is made just thinking of those who would like to create a chic and welcoming environment in their own house or place of business. You will not immediately notice any difference and even more pleasing to the touch if you walk on a composite wood flooring, because wood can’t crack and split even after years and even if it is used for outdoor spaces.

An eco-friendly wood

The heart of Ecolegno is 100% recyclable, because it is only made from first-rate recycled material and due to the fact that it can be fully recycled when its life cycle in your house has been completed. It is made of dust and wood fibre coming exclusively from FSC certified forests; composite wood turns to be the best choice if you really care about the planet’s health.

You can have a nice house without cutting down forests anywhere in the world: Ecolegno is in fact a highly-technological product which is produced within the factory, by using only recycled materials.

Surprisingly resistant 

Finally, it is essential to mention Ecolegno functional characteristics (linkare ad articolo “che cos’è ecolegno”). Although we’re talking about a warm material with beautiful colours like natural wood, it also offers an adequate resistance and a practicality a thousand times higher.

You can use it for outdoor spaces without fear, because it does not spoil neither warp even under extreme climate conditions: heat, coldness, rain or snow do not scratch your floor or Ecolegno vertical covering at all. It does not absorb moisture and is water-resistant and resistant to sudden temperature changes, but at the same time it does not require any treatments with special oils to remain intact: maintenance costs are negligible.

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