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The swimming pool surrounds becomes chic thanks to a wood outdoor flooring

The timeless elegance of Ecolegno is able to customize outdoor furniture


A ground pool, an aboveground pool or a hydromassage pool? Whatever it

is the type of pool that it is available in your home or in your resort, composite wood allows to combine refinement with functionality for external flooring and no more worrying about maintenance, humidity and sudden temperature changes.

This is in fact a highly technological wood, specifically designed for meeting the needs of those who have to pave an outdoor space and, therefore, a highly resistant material is required, but without sacrificing the elegance which is only offered by wood. Ecolegno is waterproof, does not deform or affect the wood degradation, does not splinter or scratch even in the most demanding conditions. Furthermore this is a very important feature for a swimming pool surrounds: it does not overheat even after several hours under the sun and, therefore, you can walk barefoot without the fear of getting sunburned.

Decorating a swimming pool surrounds

Choosing a composite wood flooring enables you to find the right furniture pieces. Ecolegno flooring is able to make chic even the simpler furnishing and it matches with almost everything.

Let’s see what elements that can’t be left out

  • Sun loungers and deck chairs
  • You can use your pool surrounds for sunbathing and, therefore, having sun loungers and deck chairs where you can lie down is a priority. Choose yourself which of the two solutions do you prefer or adopt both of them at the same time. There are different models, ranging from classical ones made from wood or reeds up to the most modern ones made from rattan, as well as there are single and double sun loungers for those who have enough space available and without sacrificing total comfort!
  • Sun umbrellas and gazebo

As much as you are a sun worshipper and love sun tanning, it is undoubtedly necessary for providing sufficient shady space at the pool surrounds. If there is enough space, you can also think about installing a gazebo made from composite wood (linkare ad articolo “gazebi e pergoline in ecolegno per un giardino di tendenza”) that creates an intimate atmosphere where you can put some seats and a coffee table and is sheltered from the sun’s rays; you could use it both for sheltering yourself during the warmest time of day and for setting up dinner and cocktail parties at the pool surrounds. A simpler and less bulky option are classical sun umbrellas made from wood or other materials.

  • Hammocks, rocking chairs and sofas

Do you like having guests in your home or do you need to relax looking at the sunset? You can’t help having a fashionable and comfortable seat at the pool surrounds, so that the space along a stretch of water is much more welcoming and convivial. Today there are hammocks of the latest-generation do not need to be attached to the supports, but they have a self-bearing frame. Rocking chairs are ideal to relax and and protect yourself from the sun, because they are usually equipped with a covering. Finally, a cozy couch with so many different soft and coloured pillows will be perfect under your gazebo.


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