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The latest generation technologies have greatly contributed to the realization of innovative materials for outdoor claddings, with the purpose of finding durable and elegant solutions.
We are constantly researching increasingly durable materials that, not of secondary importance, respect the environment. Composite wood is an incredibly resistant material, suitable for particular situations, for example outdoor decking.
We are available to showcase our products and their application at professionals in the building sector, such as architects and design engineers.
Our product is qualitatively excellent and is open to a wide range of uses.


Composite wood is our leading product and we are continuously researching new and innovative solutions and products.
WPC Ecolegno by Saimex is a high quality and resistant product, that can be used for exterior deckings. It combines resistance with the elegance of a product excellently finished to obtain the best results for every use.
It is increasingly necessary to ensure the use of environmentally friendly products, without sacrificing decisive factors such as the resistance to atmospheric agents, the reduction of maintenance costs and the creation of refined environments.


The composite wood made by Ecolegno is a fantastic alternative to traditional wood (from which draws inspiration for its design) thanks to its main features of strength and durability. Our composite wood stands out for the excellent quality of its materials, its resistance to water, humidity and UV rays and for its practicality on the maintenance side.
A WPC Decking has many other advantages: it’s made with environmentally friendly materials, it’s antislip and really easy to assemble.
A WPC can be easily installed and adapts itself to every type of foundation, whether it’s in concrete, grass, terrain or sand.


Ecolegno by Saimex, the Italian WPC, has developed three technologies according to the demands of design engineers:
• Ecolegno Classic, for a soft and natural touch;
• Ecoshield, the 100% stain-resistant decking;
• Old Timber, a composite wood decking that undergoes a special aging process which results in a country style effect of extreme naturalness.


Thanks to its main features, our composite wood is ideal for:
• Pool borders decking;
• Restaurant’s dehors;
• Terraces;
• Outdoor decking;
• Walkways and piers.


WPC Ecolegno, the composite wood for exterior purposes, allows particular dimensions, such as the usage of 4 meters long floorboards that make unique architectonic effects possible.
The composite wood can be a very versatile material and lends itself to the most complex and elegant customizations.
The color possibilities are endless and customizable, the most used are Gold Teak, Burma teak, Champagne, Dark Coffee, Dark Grey, Turtledove Gray and White Sand.

For any customization request or if you need further information related to products data sheets, colors and finishes, do not hesitate to contact our offices or write an e-mail at and you’ll be contacted by one of the members of our team as soon as possible.