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A Pergola to enjoy sun, light and your own space outdoor in total tranquility.


A pergola is a decorative structure that is installed outdoors. For example, in your own garden.
The pergola is open on the sides but covered on the top.
The pergola is used to create shaded areas and its coverage can be total or partial. It can provide a more or less total shaded area depending on the upper area.
Pergolas can have different colors and also very different designs. In some cases, they are decorated with climbing plants that embellish the walls or beams.
Pergolas can be of many different materials, such as: wood, iron and much more.
We at Ecolegno handle WPC pergolas that have many qualities in terms of durability and have a very elegant design with wood-like colors.


Ecolegno by Saimex WPC pergolas combine classic beauty with the functionality of composite wood and are enhanced by an essential design. Designed with the aim of enhancing any architectural context, they are essential for an elegant and always comfortable outdoor experience.
Thanks to the versatility of composite wood they are widely used in hotels, restaurants, tourist villages or large spaces. Although pergolas embrace a classic and traditional style, they can also prove to be the right choice for creating modern structures.
WPC pergolas in Ecolegno do not require maintenance and remain elegant over time, offering a soft feeling to the touch.
Their structure responds to resistance and lightness requirements, even in climatic conditions with significant temperature changes, and they are easy and quick to assemble.