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Sliding sunscreen panels

Ecolegno® by Saimex sliding sunscreen panels are designed for effective protection from the sun, without completely restricting the view of the landscape.

The lightweight and easy-to-install sunscreen wall allows for adjustable shading as it moves thanks to a solid stainless steel sliding system. For quick and easy assembly, the product is delivered in a convenient kit already sectioned and pre-drilled, complete with assembly instructions.


Ecolegno® Classic Beam is the ideal product for outdoor use, thanks to its multiple properties and features. Our commitment to environmental sustainability has led us to use first choice recycled materials from FSC-certified forests. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, Ecolegno® is 100% recyclable.

Ecolegno® is weatherproof, antifungal and antibacterial, does not age over time and does not require frequent maintenance.

The product is presented in an elegant shape, which recreates the wood texture.

There is also a choice of different finishes to suit every need and taste.


The stainless steel sliding system is designed to adapt to every situation and customer requirement and to resist corrosion. The body of the carriage is designed with techno polymer materials to guarantee maximum efficiency in terms of resistance and adaptation to even the most abrupt movements.

The wheels, made of a studied polymer, allow smooth and silent sliding, but above all, are long-lasting thanks to the two rectified stainless steel bearings.

The Inox sliding kit is composed of two carriages, with their anchor plates, anti-vibration pins, bumpers, shock absorbers and all profiles in silver anodised aluminium to guarantee maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and at the same time give the sliding sunshade wall all-round elegance.

The silver anodised aluminium frame gives a perfect homogenous finish along the entire length of the profile, but above all guarantees the integrity of the structure without the risk of corrosion or weather damage.


They can be mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall, and more and more buildings (villas, flats, condominiums) are adopting this type of shading system, thus improving the appearance of their façades and at the same time reducing the sun’s rays that cause an increase in temperature inside the home.

The elegant and refined sliding sunshade panels create an open yet private environment, maintaining the comfort of sunlight with plays of light and shadow.