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Ecolegno in green homes

Green homes and Ecolegno: sustainable solutions

One of the present-day problems in the building industry and elsewhere is connected to sustainable development, aimed at preserving the world’s natural and environmental heritage both in terms of quantity and quality.
This is the background for the growing demand for designing and building eco-friendly green homes. It’s a way of improving our lifestyle and of making a real contribution to the health of our planet.
When building eco-friendly homes, the preferred materials are natural – like wood – or sustainable – like Ecolegno. There is also a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and smart technologies: the goal is for an extremely comfortable home that also respects the environment.

Green homes and saving energy

It is necessary to carefully consider the issue of saving energy and not polluting the environment when designing a green home.
Certain must elements which need to be considered are all the components that contribute to saving energy and ensuring energy efficiency in the home. These include photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, rainwater tanks, home composting systems, insulated windows, walls and rooves: all of these solutions help to make the most of natural energy resources and to ensure that the energy produced isn’t wasted but is reused inside the home.
To make sure everything is perfectly integrated, green homes are more and more often adopting home automation and with the information technology at their disposal they can collect and integrate all the data from inside and outside the home to measure consumption and optimise energy resources down to the last detail.

Ecolegno: a green material

When constructing a green home, the materials used in the framework or the finishes of interiors and exteriors also play an important role.
Wood is the preferred material when building an eco-sustainable green home. Then again,
Ecolegno is the modern option because it can be used to give the details in your home anelegant, attractive and, more to the point, environmentally-friendly finish.
Ecolegno is a composite wood made up of wood fibre, wood flour and high-density polymer. It is environmentally-friendly – the wood fibre in the composition is sourced from FSC-certified forests – and it is 100% recyclable because it is made from recycled materials.
It is the perfect solution if you want a green home but you also want to live in elegant, classy surroundings.

Design and construction of a green home costs slightly more than a standard home. Still, this solution guarantees unprecedented energy savings in the long-term. As a result, if you opt for a green home you will save economically in the long run.

Likewise, when you choose a product like Ecolegno for outdoor decking or interior flooring, you are opting for a durable, low-maintenance product.



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