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Ecolegno railings and fences: a classy choice

Ecolegno railings and fences: elegant, refinedcontexts

Ecolegno railings and fences are great for enclosing private spaces, like gardens and swimming pools, or public spaces, like the outdoor areas of restaurants, pubs and hotels. Likewise, they add a personal touch to homes or restaurants and other hospitality businesses.
An Ecolegno fence helps create an elegant, refined context for the enjoyment of family members, restaurant diners and hotel guests.

Ecolegno railings and fences: versatile and resistant

Ecolegno railings and fences are making a name for themselves because they combine weather resistance properties with attractive aesthetics that can be customised to meet particular tastes and requirements.
They’re handy for separating large exterior areas and for fencing off areas for privacy and relaxation; they are also perfect for giving restaurant diners or hotel guests an alternative, outdoor dining or breakfast experience when the weather is fine.
We can make Ecolegno railings and fences in a wide range of colours. The material is so versatile that we can meet your clearly defined aesthetic demands. And all the different possible woodgrain finishes make composite wood particularly suitable for replacing refined, expensive wood types while obtaining an enviable aesthetic effect.

Ecolegno: eco-friendly

When you choose Ecolegno for your railings and fences, apart from being the go-to product for an attractive-looking, durable fence, it’s also an ethical choice because Ecolegno is sustainable and respects the environment.
The wood flour used to make Ecolegno is sourced from FSC-certified forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests and identifies wood-based products that respect environmental standards
Composite wood is also a 100% recyclable product because it is made from premium quality recycled materials.
To conclude, when you choose Ecolegno you add a touch of class and elegance to your home or business environments and you respect the environment at the same time.

Ecolegno: practical solution

Composite wood is also a convenient, practical solution. It is intrinsically maintenance-free. This makes it in high demand for resorts and luxury hotels that need to always keep their outdoor fences perfect. Not only that but Ecolegno is resistant to water, humidity, high temperatures and sudden temperature changes, and unlike wood, it is rot-proof and won’t split.
It retains its original appearance and doesn’t age; it doesn’t need any special treatment, it is bacteria-proof and free of splinters.

In a nutshell: Ecolegno is designed to last for a long time.

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