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Recycling of wood: that’s how a versatile and eco-friendly material is manufactured

More and more companies are committed to recover wood products that are discarded


Unfortunately every year million tonnes of wood products have been discarded all over the world and the recycling system is certainly the best possible way to be used from an environmental, ethical and energy-efficient point of view, although landfilling is often preferred for the sake of convenience.

Now we find out what does wood recycling mean and how this may lead to most important results for our planet?

Why is it wrong to dispose of wood waste sent to landfill?

There are at least two good reasons why the disposal of old wood to landfill is the worst choice you can make.

  • Air pollution.

People often think that natural materials, such as wood, may be easier to dispose of and do not cause pollution. Actually, just wood is turned into methane, if this is left in an environment without air like a landfill: highly polluting gas.

  • The size of landfill.

Unfortunately landfills are becoming bigger and full of waste heaps every day, but space is not infinite. That’s the reason why only non-recyclable materials shall be destined for landfills: dispose of 100% recyclable (linkare ad articolo “un legno composito 100% naturale: l’anima green di ecolegno) wood sent to landfill means taking up valuable space on products which can’t properly dispose of in another way.

Wood processing 

Once wood has reached processing plants, it is then carefully controlled (not everything can be reused), clean and separated from all those parts which are not made of wood and are destined for other recycling plants.

When wood is prepared to undergo a process of transformation, you shall then proceed with recycling. Dusts and wood fibres resulting from this process will make up Ecolegno and many other company’s products standing up for our planet.

Some good reasons why you should choose reclaimed wood

We could see how lifespan of a wood deck is really endless, if you decide to use a recycling system: this is in fact a source that can be reused in a repeatable way and over and over again.

If you decide to recycle old wooden furniture, this is the best choice for various reasons, inter alia

  • A lot of new lives.

Natural wood can be regenerated, destined to energy recovery or, otherwise, turned into new products such as furniture, strips and flooring.

  • Environmentally friendly.

Recycling of wood means contributing to the safeguarding of forest heritage in our planet.

  • Less methane in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gas emissions and pollution are considerably reduced, if you want to recycle rather than burning or depositing wood waste in landfills.

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