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Ecolegno flooring: 4 original ideas to use it

There are 4 ways to make use of a composite wood flooring which maybe you haven’t ever thought of


In most cases, when choosing an outdoor flooring is necessary to renovate a terrace, a garden or a poolside. However, there are other ways to use a composite wood flooring both inside and outside the home: we are suggesting 4 ways in this concise guide.


Patio is an open space close to the dwelling, covered and paved. We often tend to overlook this space, because it is considered as a passageway to the garden, but if you carefully renovate it, this becomes a pleasant space halfway between indoors and outdoors. As this is a home extension, you should choose a flooring and fittings having the same interior style. If you would like to have an elegant and natural patio, the composite wood is the right choice for you. Then you can furnish it with tables and chairs, comfortable seats and, if you have enough space, you could place a jacuzzi tub.



They are real Winter gardens, closed and sheltered, but illuminated by sunlight and opened towards the outside: verandas are installed in a garden or on a terrace and have side floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened if the weather permits. There are verandas of different materials and the composite wood flooring is so versatile and it can be well adapted to every situation irrelevant if the structure is made of wood and wrought-iron or aluminium. However, we have to say that a veranda made entirely of real wood gives a surprising, natural and sophisticated effect at the same time and its colour and finish can be customized.



If you are thinking about installing a sauna in your garden or inside the house, a paved space meeting specific characteristics is certainly needed, before going into the sauna. Apart from constant humidity, this is an environment that is often wet and subject to excess thermal stresses. Composite wood is water-tight and resistant to temperature changes and, therefore, you could use it without the risk of collapse. Furthermore, you will remain bound to the sauna style with a natural wood effect flooring.


The outside driveways leading to the building should be designed in great detail, because your business card can make a good first impression for your guests, before reaching the dwelling or the business premises. Irrelevant if this is a restaurant, a spa or your home, the composite wood driveway gives immediately an accurate impression, elegance and sobriety. Even better if the same Ecolegno flooring is also used for other spaces both inside and outside the building, in order to ensure the continuity of the style, making everything smooth and pleasant.

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