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Garden style and design with small pergolas made of a special composite wood

A wooden arbour can be customized to make your garden unique


The small pergolas made of composite wood are a versatile product certainly making your garden a pleasant living environment where you can invite friends and relatives. They can fit easily and without suffering common damages to small pergolas, because they are made from technological materials: Ecolegno is a wood composed of fibres, wood dusts and high-density polymers; this makes it recyclable, torsion-resistant, heat-resistant and cold resistant. Ecolegno small pergolas are subject to low thermal expansions and require almost no maintenance. This is a very interesting aspect for those who would like to install them.

For all these reasons, if you choose to install small pergolas made of composite wood, it means turning your garden into a sophisticated and welcoming place.

A self-supporting wooden arbour or set against the wall

The first thing to do is to install small pergolas made of composite wood set against a building wall or with a detached structure.

In the first case a real home extension shall be created and it would be good to think about a proper flooring. If you choose a wooden arbour set against the wall, you should find a decking and furnishings to ensure the continuity of the house style: these are neighbouring environments and it’s good keep the same style, in order to avoid any unpleasant and unaesthetic confusion.

If you opt for an Ecolegno self-supporting wooden arbour, it means first of all that your garden is big enough to contain such a large structure. In this case you can lie it in the grass or, otherwise, arrange a space where you can install a composite wood flooring in the same style of small pergolas.

The right furnishings for the right arbour

Particular attention must be paid to furnishings that you would like to place under your arbour. As already mentioned, if this is a space close to the dwelling, it is appropriate to keep the same interior style. If instead you placed your Ecolegno arbour in a separate area, then you will have more freedom, but you should, however, avoiding any confusion between the style of small pergolas and that of furnishings.

A rustic arbour with dark brown composite wood-based beams goes well with rattan sofas and armchairs, sober colours like beige and solid wood tables. On the contrary, small pergolas with smooth satin-finish and grey colour require a modern and minimal furniture, probably with aluminium seats, a table with glass surface and scatter cushions to enliven everything.

The choice is yours on the recommendation of keeping constant continuity  between interior furnishings, outdoor furnishings and the style of wooden small pergolas.

The perfect decking for your wooden arbour

There isn’t any absolutely perfect decking! However, there is a perfect decking for every situation and to find it you should keep in mind the style of your wooden small pergolas, the furnishings you have chosen and of course your requirements.

From more technological solutions like the bioclimatic deck to more classic ones like curtains, you’ll be spoilt for choice! A really good idea seems to be the construction of a green roof covered only with creepers, but do not venture into this activity, if you don’t have the time to steadily devote to it. If you’re choosing curtains, please arrange an automatic sliding system; in this way it will be easy to remove them, when you don’t need them anymore. If extremely low temperatures are reached in Winter, your decking shall be strong enough to bear even heavy snowfalls.

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