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Ecolegno sunshade barriers: beautiful, useful and versatile

The concept of sunshade barriers is inspired by the Venetian blind; this is a technological system to protect yourself from the sun

Sunshade barriers are similar to classical Venetian blinds even in their appearance: a series of strips close to each other having the function of protecting indoors from sunlight. Unlike Venetian blinds sunshade barriers can be installed on larger surfaces compared to a simple window; they are often  used to cover whole facades in the buildings. A sunscreen is created thanks to this system and allows you to control the brightness and indoor temperature and hence resulting in considerable energy-savings.

Sunshade barriers can be made from different materials, among them steel and aluminium, but if you would like to have a design solution which is sophisticated and highly esteemed apart from being functional, composite wood is certainly the best choice.

Let’s see the advantages of choosing Ecolegno sunshade barriers.

  • Fixed or mobile structure

One of the greatest advantages of choosing sunshade barriers made of composite wood is that you can customize the structure based on the needs of a building that should be protected.

The most common choice is that of mobile sunshade barriers that can be oriented in the direction where the sun’s rays strike, by adjusting the amount of direct sunlight; if you have to install a sunshade barrier in front of glass panels and windows, probably this is the best choice, because of course there will be moments when you need to let the sunlight enter into the space.

  • 100% recyclable

Like all the other Ecolegno products, even sunshade barriers are fully recyclable. Thanks to the fact that it is composed of fibers, wood-dust and a very special polymer, Ecolegno is an ecological and environmentally friendly product; this is an engineered hardwood with low environmental impact and environmentally compatible. You didn’t make not only a design choice, but also and especially an ethical choice.

  • Suitable for every kind of environment

Irrelevant if your house is situated on the seashore or you have to shelter your country house, Ecolegno sunshade barriers are the perfect solution for you. This is in fact a weatherproof product that does not cool down or overheat according to the outdoor temperature and requires no type of maintenance.

They can be customized with different colours and finishes, sunshade barriers are provided with a tasteful and simple style and fit to every type of landscape.

  • Economic and easy to assemble

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the process to assemble Ecolegno sunshade barriers which is very easy: just needed a few hours to get a nice and effective barrier against the sun’s rays. They are solid strips made of Ecolegno solid wood that can be also smoothly used for larger surfaces.

Furthermore, you will be able to save money both at the time of purchase and in subsequent years: sunshade barriers have an affordable cost, require no active maintenance and, therefore, maintenance costs drop significantly.

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