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Fences and wood flooring for a total wood outdoor look

To protect gardens and terraces, you should opt for composite wood as a privileged material


Ecolegno is a technologically innovative material that is used in outdoors, because it is very durable and functional: it is not spoiled by water, warm and cold weather or wind and requires no type of maintenance. Not only: it faithfully reproduces the effect of natural wood and, therefore, it covers a rather wide variety of situations, ranging from a more rustic and traditional one to a more modern one.

Therefore, composite wood may be the right choice, if you decide to create a fully natural, environment-friendly and recyclable outdoor space, apart from being elegant and refined. You can use it for the fence, the flooring or for both of them: a total wood look is one of the most popular trends of recent times and it is also very easy to be implemented.

Same colour for fence and flooring?

When you have decided to create an outdoor space, whose central thread is the composite wood, it is possible to choose the right colour and finish: it’s reallly up to you, if you opt for using the same style for flooring and fence or you decide to create vivid contrast between horizontal and vertical space.

The different shades of Ecolegno can be easily combined with each other, without leaving a messy appearance of your garden or terrace. For example, coffee and champagne colours are two shades of brown that you can use for your flooring and fence or vice versa; the two light and dark shades of gray are suitable for a coexistence, as well.

Outdoor wood furniture

Another question you should ask yourself is if furnishings are also in line with the natural style given by composite wood or if they stand out completely against the background.

In the first case a wide range of furniture is at your disposal: those made from teak wood and bamboo are the latest trends and there are also cheap ones. If on the contrary your house is modernly or contemporary furnished, you could certainly choose design sofas, tables and lighting; even in this case you have several options at your disposal for each price range.

Plants and vases for a dash of green?

A last issue to deal with and if you wish that your outdoor space is interspersed with plants and flowers or not. This is your only choice: if you don’t have time or dedicated passion for your plants, you just better forget about it.

The green fits very well to the total wood style, is almost complete and ended up creating a fresh and comfortable space, where mother nature holds sway. You could arrange flowers in vases and flower pots at strategic points: even in this case you will certainly find just the style for you, because there are a lot of models, from traditional ones made of earthenware to the most modern ones in total white. If you like challenges, why don’t you try growing climbing plants to cover fences? The result should be fascinating.

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