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Ecolegno vertical covering for dreamlike indoors

Wooden walls are the latest trends for stylish bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms


Covering internal walls with wooden small pergolas is a very ancient technique, but today this has been rediscovered for those dwellings appearing to be flashy, adding a creative touch that goes beyond simple furniture.

Besides its great aesthetic beauty, the wood vertical cladding is also a highly functional choice: acoustic and thermal insulation, reasonable construction costs, there aren’t any dangers of mold or wall stains. Thanks to a discreet intervention you could achieve an amazing result both in terms of appearance and practicality.

Not only for a chalet in the mountains

Whenever you think about a wooden wall, one might imagine a charming chalet or a mountain refuge surrounded by snow with a large fireplace where fire is crackling and an apple strudel fragrance is spreading through the air.

But actually, wooden small pergolas are always more often combined with modern or contemporary furniture, right because they are able to create a warm atmosphere even in the most minimalist and sober house: what it seems to be a striking contrast, it turns out to be a perfect harmony of styles. You can also find wood wall claddings in restaurants, bars, spas and beauty salons.

Wood cladding for a bathroom or kitchen

Composite wood vertical claddings withstand water and moisture and are fire resistant; for this reason you may choose any of them to renovate wonderfully your bathroom or kitchen.

From the floor to the wall, going through all the furniture, everything can be made from wood in a kitchen: the countertop, the table and chairs shall be perfectly suited to the walls and why not to the floor; a natural and welcoming environment giving off heat and ensuring conviviality is therefore created. Even the bathroom may be covered with Ecolegno wood panels and this solution ensures continuity of flooring is certainly the most suggestive solution: there are also wooden bathroom furniture and bathtubs giving an even more enveloping effect.


A single wood wall in a bedroom or living room

One of the latest trends is turning one or two walls of the house into a central figure, lending a touch of style which is different from all others. You could apply this principle not to the colour, but also to wood cladding, by choosing two wall units in a bedroom or living room to be entirely covered with composite wood.

Of course you have to opt for the wall on which a double bed leans in a bedroom: the wood vertical cladding shall be a special headboard that gives a feeling of warmth in the room and a touch of particular design. On the contrary you could choose to cover the coldest wall of the living room for functionality, but also the biggest one or the wall against which the sofa leans: you have the freedom to look at your living room and decide which wall shall be the wall unit.

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