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What do you mean by ventilated facades?

They protect the building, provide an energy requalification and create a rugged design


Ventilated facades offer significant advantages both from the functional point of view as well as from the aesthetic point of view, especially when they are made up of a technologically advanced material such as Ecolegno. This is a special vertical covering for building exteriors that perfectly complement any building: it enhances its integral appearance, it is energy-efficient and it is easy to install.

Find out all the features of Ecolegno ventilated facades.

Thermal insulation and energy-saving

Thanks to its special technology, through which they are designated and mounted, Ecolegno ventilated facades ensure considerable energy savings, resulting in a lasting and significant reduction in the consumer spending.

To build an Ecolegno ventilated facade, strips should be mounted in such a way that an interspacing between these and the wall is created. Furthermore there are openings arranged at the base and top of the facade. This allows a natural air circulation: the moisture produced within the building will easily diffuse towards the outside, without the slightest obstacle.

This is a cutting-edge solution offering several practical advantages:

  • It wards off the danger of condensation, noxious moulds and bacteria
  • A high thermal insulation which allows to maintain a constant internal temperature both in Summer and in Winter is obtained
  • The internal walls are kept dry and are in an excellent state of preservation
  • The building has been requalified from an energy point of view, cutting the consumer prices.

A design solution for each building

The Ecolegno ventilated walls are not only a way to save energy. They also represent a very sophisticated aesthetic solution.

The composite wood selection has been certainly by someone who takes care of beauty and design. Colours and finishes can be customized, the Ecolegno ventilated walls are particularly versatile and transversal, capable of adapting to every situation and surface: they can be used for big commercial and industrial buildings, as well as for small-scale dwellings, villas and little villas. In any case, regaleranno a new building envelope for any kind of projects, giving a warm and natural effect which is typical of wood.

Quick to assemble and easy to Maintain

Thanks to composite wood selection, creating a ventilated facade shall be a short-time operation and a considerable simplicity of assembly. The assembly is simple, intuitive and does not require a preliminary design.

Furthermore Ecolegno is a material which does not require any particular maintenance: weatherproof, neither it doesn’t overheat, nor it gets cold based on outdoor temperature; it can be stored very well for years, but it requires no active maintenance.

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