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To the discovery of small pergolas: what are and how they are used

A vertical covering suited to the different situations both for indoors and outdoors

 Let’s start by explaining what are small pergolas: they are composite wood planks that have special shapes on different sides to fit into each other without problems quickly and easily. There are small pergolas of different thickness, width and height to meet many different needs. They are applied in the building sector for interior or exterior wall claddings for your dwellings and business premises; in addition, small pergolas are used as ceiling claddings.

Let’s take into consideration functional and aesthetic characteristics of small pergolas made from composite wood.

Resistant and functional

Small pergolas made of Ecolegno have the great advantage of being applied both in indoor and outdoor spaces: Ecolegno is indeed a water-resistant material, withstands atmospheric agents, heat and coldness without being spoilt. This peculiarity enables you to use the same style both inside and outside the building that you would like to renovate.

A wooden small pergola cladding is a great ally against coldness and humidity, it protects walls and allows to have a significant energy saving. Small pergolas are indeed the best choice for all those spaces that are exposed to vapor and moisture, first and foremost bathrooms, kitchens, saunas  and indoor pools; putting up matchboarding in these spaces allows you to insulate the walls against the coldness from the outside and indoor humidity.

Finally, an unquestionable benefit of composite wood planks is their ease of assembly. There are different techniques for building a matchboarding and you can choose if it’s better to position the planks vertically (the most common choice), horizontally or even diagonally. Although this is a rather simple operation, our advice is to use a professional expert in installation and setup.

Timeless elegance and beauty

Beyond the functional undoubted advantages that are obtained from matchboarding one of the main reasons why you decide to use this solution is the aesthetic one.

The interior lining with wooden small pergolas adapts well to huts, rustic and traditional mountain cabins, but also to spas, beauty parlors and saunas, sophisticated and close environments. If you have to cover your dwelling, it’s just a matter of whether you do it only in a bathroom, tavern, living room or everywhere; almost every type of furniture go well with wood matchboarding: you should play it safe and use a traditional wood, as well as a minimal and futuristic look will be able to amaze you by a suggestive play of contrasts; it’s also perfect for those who have furnished their house in a shabby chic or Scandinavian style.

Whatever its intended use was, wood walls provide unique warmth and timeless beauty to your house, making it immediately more familiar, cozy and welcoming.

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